Whatever trail you walk along, whether it is a path through a topical jungle, a track over farm land, a route up a difficult slope, or a meandering trail that wanders leisurely around the contours of a hill, they all have one thing in common: if you are walking along it, you are not the first. Others have been there before you. It is they who made it a trail. What is the best way to find out where good trails are? How do you get to them? How best can you enjoy them once you're there?

hiking trails in penang Some share their knowledge of trails with friends, through word of mouth. Some use the internet. Some start a website and record the trails they’ve enjoyed in the hope that others will share that enjoyment. Some become involved in clearing trails, or tidying trails, or putting up ropes. Government departments build steps, erect signage, and generally encourage the benefits of exercise.

The purpose of is to create a common platform for all to use. To create a friendly environment where those who have knowledge of trails can share that knowledge with others; where those who know what to look for on trails, can guide and advise; where those who are enthusiastic about the benefits of walking trails, regularly or otherwise, for health or social exchange or merely to calm the mind, can share that enthusiasm with others.

The objective of is to gather together, link to, and build on, the excellent repositories of information which already exists on trails; to map, assess, and describe trails in a readily comparable manner; to make easily downloadable information on featured trails available; to research, gather, and display information that relates to trails; and where invited, to freely provide support to the community in promoting the condition and usage and publicizing of trails, and, wherever possible, improving and protecting both trails and the environment they pass through.

Trails are a historical record. They can only exist by repetition. They are also a common asset. The protection of the environment through which they pass, is a common cause. Trails are created by the community, for the good of the community.

Which applauds, supports, and seeks to encourage.

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hiking in penangWhen you walk the hills of Penang Island you will encounter others. Some will be going the same way - some faster, some you will overtake - while others will pass you in the opposite direction. I have yet to encountered a single walker who would not smile and reply to any offered greeting, nor willingly stop and help with directions or advice if asked. When in the hills one tends to be pleasant, and kind, and considerate. Or is it the pleasant, and kind, and considerate, who like to go into the hills? Whichever it is, if you want to become a socially pleasant and appreciated individual ... go for a walk!

Look up to the hills and that's what you'll see: hills, and more hills. Mostly with trees. The trails from a distance are hidden.

One of the objectives of is to bring the trails closer, so all can see. To describe what they are like. To show where they are in a way we can follow - "we" being the people of Penang and those who visit Penang. But like all information systems: "rubbish in, rubbish out". Rubbish does not enhance trails, nor will it help on this site. Which is why we seek to involve others. is not "our" site, it is yours.

Our first step towards encouraging those who know and appreciate trails, and have knowledge and experience of trails that aspires to, is to create an attractive platform. One that respects and enhances knowledge of value, or interest, or assistance to those who already hike. Or who simply love to go for a walk with their family or friends. Knowledge is personal, often guarded, so how does persuade those who have it, to share it? To respect and enhance it we have to start off with that platform. One that on which their knowledge will shine. One on which their knowledge will be acknowledged, presented as they wish it presented; on which it will reach a far larger audience than they currently achieve. And in so doing, will have that much greater an impact on the community of which they are a part.

penang trailsA frequent hurdle to sharing knowledge with others, especially when it comprises information, or an opinion, or a point of view that would be helpful to the community at large were it more widely known, is the work involved, and the skills required, and the mechanism needed, simply to get it out there. Thus the second essential component in vision of acting as repository on trail information - in its broadest sense - is to reduce the element of complexity from the essentials of publicity. More simply put: for us to do that work. For us to take over the responsibility and thereby lessen the load on the contributor. We seek to create an infrastructure that will entice each shining gem of information from the mind of the pleasant, kind, and considerate path-loving possessor, while accepting the blood sweat and tears to the wiles, and hopefully smiles, of!


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