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The website has been launched on 27 July 2010 by Penang Chief Minister.CM's speech text is available here
Penang Trails is an online adventure guide for hiking and trekking enthusiasts as well as those who would like to experience the adventure. It gives the necessary information on the various trails that you can use as a guide for your trekking experience around Penang Island.The maps and projections of the trails are captured using Global Positioning System (GPS) data which has been smoothened, simplified and superimposed on Google Earth and Google Maps.
This site offers you track data in various forms that you prefer, for your reference in planning your hike. For those experienced hikers who are familiar with GPS sets, you can download KML file for you to view in Google Earth or for conversion into other GPS files.For those hikers who are familiar with the trails, we present to you different perspectives of the trails especially the contour and 3-D view together with information on the trails such as slopes, distance and points of interests, which you might not notice when you hike.
The information in this site only serves as a guide and reference for your hike and it does not provide the exact representation of the actual trails. For those who are new to the trails, despite the information of the trails given in this site, we would like to caution that hiking should not be performed without guidance of someone who is familiar with the trails. In giving this hiking opportunity to all levels of individuals who want to experience hiking in Penang Island there are information about guides who can walk you through your prefered trails.
More trails will be added as we progress and you should expect the trails to be updated and modified from time to time to present the trails as accurate as possible. We hope that this site provides you with the interest on hiking in Penang Island and that you will find it useful in mastering the trails.

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Introduction of Trails in Penang: here.
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Penang is a hilly island. Out of its total land area of 239 square kilometers, 17 percent or about 40 square kilometers is 300 metres above sea level. The peak of Western Hill rises to an elevation of 833 metres and is the highest point on the island.
The entire island was originally forested, but with the increasing spread of urbanisation and industrial and agricultural usage, much of the original vegetation at the lower elevations had been cleared. On the hill slopes at the lower elevations, the cleared land had in the early days of Penang's settlement been replanted with rubber, spice and fruit trees. At the higher elevations much of the original forests are however still preserved.
Amongst the hills there exists a substantial network of trails, some of which are well known and widely utilised. Many more are however lesser known but are equally challenging and fascinating. It is these trails that we, under one of our CSR initiatives, wish to bring to greater public awareness and make better known their accessibility .With this, we hope to widen the opportunity for those who love the outdoors to explore, experience and enjoy.

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" Dear Visitors, we have added more trails with some basic information. We will provide the detail trails in contours and Google Earth views soon. "

Admin, 06-08-2010

" Dear Visitors, we have received numerous responses via the comment column and we are happy to note that there are many of you out there who are interested in hiking but do not know where to start and perhaps do not have anyone to hike with. As a general guide, we always have a group that starts from the car park of Craft Batik near the Botanical Garden, every Sunday at 2.00pm, and anyone is welcomed to join in. Unless there is a cancellation announced in this message board, this weekly hike is confirmed. We also have other groups on Saturdays which we will announce here once confirmed. Happy hiking. "

Admin, 05-08-2010