789 to No.47 Trail

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2.5 - 3.5hrs




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The trail starts at the bush off the top of the road in the Taman Kuari Rekreasi near to a pergola. The is obvious at the beginning but at some points one need to look ahead for the continuation of the trail. It skirts round the top of a disused granite quarry and then veers towards the north in the direction of the Poh Yau Soon trail. On certain sections of the trail one has to clamber up a short rock face, squeeze between rocks to cross a measly creek before hitting a steep slope and turning 180°. Further on about 150 metres, one has to turn right and cross the top of a gully to an intersection on the Lower Peace Trail (down to 0.8km of the Jeep Track) and go up this steep and winding trail until the intersection with the Poh Yau Soon trail where one has to change direction and walk uphill. About 250 metres away one should see the number 47 spray-painted in red on a tree trunk.

One can double-check by looking the tree behind by the side of the path with also the same number. Follow this flat contour trail for about 15 minutes when one has to go down to meet the Cendana trail. Turn right and go down to meet the Jeep Track about 300 metres downhill [turn left to go up to Ang Lau]. The rest area of Number 47 is about 120 metres along the broad laterite trail going perpendicular to the right-angle bend of the Jeep Track at marking 47.