No 47 to Bukit Cendana Trail

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1 . 30 km

Max. Altitude

521 m




220 m
8 . 5 m

The trail head starts just after the sharp bend of No.47 along the Jeep Track to Penang Hill. The clearly trodden laterite path by-passes the shrine (keramat) at about 200 metres south of No.47 and then meets the 1st step of the trail. The contour trail to Poh Yau Soon is just on the left immediately after the step whereas further on another 200 metres is the next junction to Poh Yau Soon. Beyond this take the clear right trail going up a ridge before meeting the minor challenging 2nd step where a fork to the right along the contour leads to No.84 but the path going up leads to Ang Lau, the ruins of the bungalow said to belonged to Eu Yan Sang. Soon after the 3rd step, one will meet the twin pillars of cast iron gateposts made in Glasgow by Macfarlane. Soon, the Rain Gauge No.10 will come in sight and shortly the right fork takes one down to No.84.
The path straight ahead veers steeply uphill on the left to Poh Yau Mak, whereas going on – ahead – one eventually has to turn left to meet the trail from Poh Yau Mak and the trail going down to No.5. Bukit Cendana (or “Ang Lau” which is a more popular name amongst the older generations) lies just a little off this junction and is obvious with the remains of the bungalow.