No.5 to Ang Lau Trail

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1 . 11 km

Max. Altitude

526 m




259 m
8.06 m

Start from the half-sized badminton laterite court and follow the trail for a minute or until you see a fork uphill. Turn left here and continue uphill generally until you hit the ropes near the laterite steps. At the top of the steps continue until you come across an intersection. Turn left here and you will see the ruins of Ang Lau purportedly the remains of a bungalow once owned by Eu Yan Sang.
The choice of going straight at the intersection directs you along the old trail back towards RG10 or turning right lead to a flat trail below the cover of trees until the trail descends towards the intersection to RG 10 and the ladder of Poh Yau Mak.