Poh Yau Soon to No.84 Trail

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2 . 26 km

Max. Altitude

810 m




427 m
29 . 2 m

Just after the small bridge some 50 metres from Moon Gate towards the Botanical Garden, look out for the opening in the hedge. It is a well-used trail which initially follows the cast iron water pipes until after the root-covered slope has been climbed and the level part is reached. Follow the trail a little further until the junction is seen on the right hillside. Keep going up the trail; even when one come across the various junctions, e.g. Rocket, Poh Yau Kniah, 789, Lower Peace Trail, contour trail to Cendana/48, Ang Lau. Eventually one reaches the T-junction overlooking the jeep trail, turn left (right turn goes to Cendana and 48) and go uphill about 300 metres until one comes to a fork; take the right undulating one and one will pass through a shady section and emerge next to the toilet of No.84.