Taman Rimba to Bukit Laksamana

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4 . 46 km

Max. Altitude

716 m




754 m
65 m

The start is from the car park of the Taman Rimba and the route is follow the tar road, then cement steps till the laterite path is reached at the top of the stairs with the stream to one’s right. Then follow the laterite path winding gently upwards till Simpang/Junction8, continue along the narrow path some 50 metres before beginning to start climbing up the side of the ridge connecting Batu Feringghi to Bukit Laksamana. The next landmark is Simpang/Junction 12 where one takes the right to get to Laksamana in another 2 hours passing by RG14, RG13, a narrow steep ridge before arriving at the viewing platform of Bukit Laksamana. The other part of the Forest Challenge continues by the side of the viewing platform.

This is a part of the Forest Challenge trail that connects Western Hill to the Taman Rimba in Teluk Bahang. There are connecting trails which lead to Teluk Bahang or Batu Feringgi. Panoramic view of the Teluk Bahang dam,the village, and part of Batu Feringgi whilst the radar station is visible on Western Hill.